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My Changing World – What Recession?

What Recession?

Where do you stand in this present world?

We are continuingly hearing the words Depression, Recession, Receding Values and Cuts etc. Are you just accepting this turmoil, Reductions, Losing Staff with no light at the end of the tunnel for years, even decades? Are you feeling jaded by it all?


Don’t become a member of the no-hopers who blame Governments, Banks and Trade Unions.

What Recession? – Take action for yourself

At this time, amid all this chaos, people with vision have been Gifted the Largest, Cheapest Market place ever known.

The Internet – What Recession?

Leading Entrepreneurs have already stepped in and started. They are coining it in, not just by The Year, the Month, the Week, the Day, but Hourly.


Be realistic. What Recession? It did not happen overnight although lots of people interpret it that way but they are people with vision who could see further than the present. They have the knowledge of the past and armed with this information they have become self-made Internet Millionaires. NOT BAD when the establishment was spreading Doom & Gloom and the politicians were at loggerheads with each other as to how to deal with it.


What is the first thing Entrepreneurs did. They just shrugged their shoulders and said “What Recession?” They studied the mind-set of the successful Entrepreneurs. They used the information that the Famous Entrepreneurs of the past had done when in Recession, then set out and upgraded it for the Internet and adopted the attitude of “What Recession? and proved that mindset was the way to success.

Fear of Failure?

No-one should have this. Everyone makes mistakes but the wise learn and prosper from them. Success comes to them that try, if you don’t try you never know. My first mistake was to see a proven method succeed, but I did not follow it properly. I tried to run before I could walk. I was wrong. It took me a long time and lost money in the cause before I realized that the successful marketers had to

 Make a Goal
 Have Desire – this is to reach their Goal
 Adapt, learn how to adapt a proven system and convert it to their personal style.
 Find a Mentor that they could trust, understand and know that She/He has fulfilled their desire.


It all started when Napoleon Hill was challenged by Andrew Carnegie to find out the ingredients that made Successful Entrepreneurs. He then wrote books which are the basis of marketing no matter what the circumstances. It has been ruthlessly followed by his disciples and adapted in a changing world.

A Carnegie with signiture


Old Nap Hill Book

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