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A Fantastic Discovery. Simply75Minerals. Plant Derived Natural Minerals in a Sizzling Drink.

Start a Completely New Lifestyle, You can Have it All. An Opportunity for Yourself and Others to Obtain Better Health.  Start a Business from Home Making Money without having to Work.


So What’s it All About. It’s not just about money. It is your opportunity to dramatically help others improve their health. While you enjoy life and make friends as a result of the income obtained.

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Everyone Needs Sizzling Minerals.

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A Perfect Business Opportunity

This is a Perfect Home Business. Many of us have worked out that just working for a wage would never give us the choice to live. to be able to Travel, where and when you want without any financial worries. An Important factor today. When a friend introduced me to Simply75Minerals I was extremely interested. I had worries about our food not having enough Natural Minerals. I remained open minded and tried it for myself. Never before have I felt my mind sizzle as well as tasting the drink.

I investigated and discovered that the company British based. It offers a Massive Potential Market. It Gives Support, Training and Tools that allows everyone an equal opportunity. The Great thing about this is that you are in a Business for yourself. But Not by Yourself. You will have a Sponsor and a Team leader. They will help, support and guide you. As you progress you can build your own team and the friendliness that you encounter is so different to other business opportunities.


It’s all about a little known Health Secret that is Changing Lives all over the world. Mother Nature prepared them for us. We now Mine, Extract and Purify the Natural Raw Ingredients that produce this unique trade mark product. These Rare Plant Minerals are the foundation of the product range. This gives a Highly Lucrative income Earning Opportunity. This is coupled with the benefits that your Customers, Friends and Relations can benefit by.


Testimonials are Phenomenal and can be checked. The Minerals are being taken by Sportman and are not in any way Drug related.

Dr Linas Pauling (a Nobel Laureate) States “The Root of All Desease is Directly Related to a Lack of Minerals.” Plant Minerals are difficult to obtain and are often substituted with Cheap and Inaffective Metalic Minerals. Sizzling Minerals cannot be purchased in shops. They are only obtainable from this British owned Company.

Dr Gary Price-Todd stated “The human body needs at least 60 Minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state.” Dr Todd also said “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals”

Dr Carolyn Dean MD.ND Says “We should be eating Plant based Minerals”

Prevention is Better Than Cure

This is Your Opportunity to Read and Join Today, or Miss This and Regret it Forever.

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