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Seth Godin Video on “Failing Until You Succeed” is only a Step Towards Success

Failing until you succeed Video Seth Godin Video on “Failing Until You Succeed” is only a Step Towards Success

This video “Failing until you Succeed” by Seth Godin, the Famous Entrepreneur, will give his thoughts about starting a business and what can occur before your business is up and running.  Don’t give up should be a moto for all. I think the title should be “Do not let failure prevent success”.

Author Seth Godin shares his views with Bryan Elliot, on taking risks, on failing until you succeed, challenging the status quo and starting a business.

His comments “Failing until you Succeed” are not made to disuade you and to cause you to fail. He is imparting the most valuable information for anyone starting a Home based business. There are too many operators who claim you can start a Business and it is an automatic overnight success. This is not true. Success can be gained and great pleasure obtained from it. A complete new lifestyle. The importance of having the guidence of people who have gained successs and can assist you to avoid having excessive failures. One of the best ways is to select a good successful mentor who provides you with a plan whereby you can start to earn money from the advice which you are paying to obtain their system using their failures to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. No attempt is 100% guaranteed but it is important to obtain a clear program that is easy to copy and avoid as many failures in the path of success as possible. Remember the story of Robert the Bruce, the famous Scottish king who watched the spider making the unsuccessful attempts until it succeeded in building it’s web. Treat the spiders web as your business.

Copying Their Ideas

Most successful Entrepreneurs have started by this method. They have found someone they can understand and trust. Then thay have used their own initiative skills and ideas. They turn their hobbies or previous work skills into their own personal success.

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Seth Godin-failing until you succeed

Seth Godin on “Failing until you Succeed”



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