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The Story Of Napoleon Hill-Think and Grow Rich

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Was Précised by J M Emmert for an Article in Success Magazine.

My Changing World has always believed that progress is only the development of solid proven idea’s adapted to the present time. Anyone intending to become involved in the world of marketing should read and learn what the worlds leading marketers can explain about success. The Story of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the Greatest revelations of all time.

This Précise of His life story should be read by anyone in or about to begin a marketing Business, a most important feature is a Positive Mental Attitude. The brief inspirational statement made to Hill by Carnegie “It’s a shame that each new generation must find the way to success by trial and error when the principles are really clear cut” This statement was the flash point that Napoleon Hill researched. It is as true today as when it was spoken by Andrew Carnegie.


This Imformative Abbreviated Article is a Must Read for any Intending or  Internet Marketer.


JM Emmert

J M Emmert who writes for the Success magazine, has produced a Résumé about one of the Greatest Marketers the world has ever known, Napoleon Hill. If anyone is interested in learning from the original master. They will be following in the footsteps of the majority of Successful Entrepreneurs who have based their business on this thoery. I believe that the story of his up’s and down’s is the first step to developing the mindset of a successful marketer. Anyone who has been unable to read the article before can download This FREE Copy

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