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This is a about starting a Home Based Business.

Frequently asked Questions and Answers.

  1. At what age is the best time to start a Home Based Business – Answer – Anyone over the age of 18 with no limit.
  2. Is the Market big enough for New Businesses – Answer – The Market is World Wide
  3. What can I sell – Answer – Objects and Information such as “How To” based on your own knowledge.
  4. If I don’t have a source of knowledge – Answer – There are opportunities to sell other people’s products.
  5. How do I get a Website to start a business – Answer – Most cases it is more appropriate to find a good Mentor who will provide a business plan which will save making early mistakes.
  6. What if I don’t like the plan – Answer – select a trusted source that gives a “No Risk” Guarantee.
  7. Should I attend a Seminar – Answer – They are very good but one must be prepared to make a considered decision upon hearing the presenters. It is better that you find one you understand and feel capable of following. Some presenters will be suitable to the individual type of person that you are. The Information at seminar’s can be overpowering and lead to confusion. Many Cost Lots of Money that we would prefer to invest in a good Mentor with an understandable, well informed business plan that can be addapted to one’s own specific taste.

If you have any Further Questions or Advice that would appear to be helpfull to our customers we would be very pleased to help or pass information on.


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