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A Directory of “How To’s and Where To’s”

There is no Magic Secret to creating the life of Your Dreams. Almost Every Famous Entrepreneur show that you must take Action. Your Dream is Your Desire, the Result is of Your Action. Useful Tools are an Necessity for a Home Business.


What you do can change your lifestyle and improve your fortunes dramatically. Then you can find a Good Home Business which you can opporate from your laptops, smart phones or your computers.

Pick the brains of the Experts, use their short cutting tools. The Answers don’t come by magic. It is done by taking decisions always thinking of how to improve your business not guessing and dabbling and watch and follow the advice of your peers.

Don’t get sidetracked with get rich quick scheems but realise the top Entrepreneurs are always willing to empart idea’s as this helps to improve their image. They just don’t give you things, If it was that easy everyone would succeed, But they do give a wealth of Information and sometimes guidence on the best tools to assist you to save time and encourage you to save costs by having the means to avoid more expensive methods.

How to be Successful

To be Successful you must consider the best way to spend your money. Many people spend £100’s of Pounds to even £1000’s of pounds on items that they or anybody really needs instead of on a project that could change their entire lives living the life of their dreams. Many people spend money as it comes without thinking. The wealthy spend money that makes them money and increasestheir living standard.

Video Marketing

This short video is intended to pass on information on how to get useful Tools to use on the internet, How to market on the Internet, How to turn challenges into results. The Video is a Useful Tool as it leads you to the site containing important Information. How to have fun attracting enquiries and sales leads. It gives the possibilites of using methods so that you can market it to the correct people. How to act and not react, how to use the Tools that are available. No tradesman goes to work without the proper tools. Why should Internet marketers?

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Seth Godin

Seth Godin Video on “Failing Until You Succeed” is only a Step Towards Success

Failing until you succeed Video Seth Godin Video on “Failing Until You Succeed” is only a Step Towards Success

This video “Failing until you Succeed” by Seth Godin, the Famous Entrepreneur, will give his thoughts about starting a business and what can occur before your business is up and running.  Don’t give up should be a moto for all. I think the title should be “Do not let failure prevent success”.

Author Seth Godin shares his views with Bryan Elliot, on taking risks, on failing until you succeed, challenging the status quo and starting a business.

His comments “Failing until you Succeed” are not made to disuade you and to cause you to fail. He is imparting the most valuable information for anyone starting a Home based business. There are too many operators who claim you can start a Business and it is an automatic overnight success. This is not true. Success can be gained and great pleasure obtained from it. A complete new lifestyle. The importance of having the guidence of people who have gained successs and can assist you to avoid having excessive failures. One of the best ways is to select a good successful mentor who provides you with a plan whereby you can start to earn money from the advice which you are paying to obtain their system using their failures to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. No attempt is 100% guaranteed but it is important to obtain a clear program that is easy to copy and avoid as many failures in the path of success as possible. Remember the story of Robert the Bruce, the famous Scottish king who watched the spider making the unsuccessful attempts until it succeeded in building it’s web. Treat the spiders web as your business.

Copying Their Ideas

Most successful Entrepreneurs have started by this method. They have found someone they can understand and trust. Then thay have used their own initiative skills and ideas. They turn their hobbies or previous work skills into their own personal success.

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Seth Godin-failing until you succeed

Seth Godin on “Failing until you Succeed”



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Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable

Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable

Seth Godin

He was close to predicting the future of online marketing here! Amazing!

Seth Godin is an iconic figure in the small business sector who has written several bestselling books on how to engage with customers. editor Dan Martin travelled to New York to meet Godin and, in an exclusive interview, asked him why to be successful entrepreneurs need to think tribal and become indispensable.

  • Author
  • He is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.
  •  July 10, 1960 (age 54),
  • American

    Some of the other Things Seth Godin Say’s in his blogs. He speaks about corporate businesses and Independant Entrepreneurs. Explaining why both should give major consideration to their customers.

    Any time an organization pushes to change the status quo on behalf of its mission, causing the change they exist to make in the world, they’re building something that will last. But often, the opposite happens. Organizations in power change their pricing or their technology or their policies because it’s good for the organization, because it raises quarterly earnings, most often because it’s easier for them. They change the way they do support, or the promises they keep to long-term customers and vendors. Often, the people who count beans are making the decisions, not those that count positive change on behalf of those they serve.
    Seth Godin say’s it works. For a while. And then it doesn’t, because even powerful organizations don’t last forever, especially when those that have been pushed discover that they might just have other options.Throw your weight around, please. But do it for those you serve, not against them.

    He ridicles the expression-“I don’t have any good ideas”

    That’s a common mantra among those that say that they want to leap, but haven’t, and aren’t, and won’t.

    What they’re actually saying is, “I don’t have any ideas that are guaranteed to work, and not only that, are guaranteed to cause no criticism or moments when I’m sure the whole thing is going to fall apart.”

    And that sentence is probably true.

    But no good ideas? C’mon.

    Here’s a simple hack that takes whatever word you put in the seed box and comes up with a fresh game idea you’ve never had before. And it can do it over and over and over again. Pretty good ideas are easy. The guts and persistence and talent to create, ship and stick it out are what’s hard.

    At least you know what’s holding you back. The good news is that those skills are available to anyone who cares enough to acquire them.

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    Seth Godin Video