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Fresh Home Business Hints – Good News

Fresh Home Business Hints  – Good News

Fresh Home Business Hints

The official self employment figures released on the  15th May 2014  show a drop in unemployed. It is attributed to more people becoming self employed and running home based businesses. In the UK 4.5 millions are working in this capacity and in the 3 months from January 2014 to March 2014 the figures rose by 183,000.

Fresh Home Business Hints to help others get Started.

On BBC Breakfast TV, two Mothers were interviewed about their home based businesses.

Jane previously employed as a chartered surveyor. When on maternity leave found there were no provisions for frozen baby food. She realised that many people coming home after doing a full days work were now having to prepare food for their babies. She found how to prepare a frozen type of food. She began her own Home Based Business.  This Satisfied a Deman. It Provided a New Lifestyle for Working Mothers. Finding a demand is a Fresh Home Business Hint which is pure Diamond and should never be ignored.

Amy, a previous Housing officer realised there was a large gap both in the public and private sectors to provide suitable homes for people who were suffering from difficulties.These included personal abuse etc. She filled this gap and her business is now thriving. She is happily enjoying this new lifestyle. She no longer has to travel in the rush hour and is no longer working under stressful conditions.

Ken a business advisor, also being interviewed. He was not surprised at what these two Women had achieved. He was aware that their businesses were giving them a better quality of life. He stated there were challenges. There were oceans of information available. From experience , he claimed, it was more important in starting a Home Based Business that the person’s involved should sort out that there was a proper need in the market. Too many were  worrying about registering a business or paying vat etc. These could be sorted later.Fresh Home Business Hints

Finally, both the Women said, there were lots of Genuine Entrepreneurs. They would give help and advice. One must Select a Successful and Respected one. A mentor that you can fully understand and will give you a proper “Risk Free Opportunity.” This allows you to make a decision before commiting yourself completely into a financial commitment. There comments are fully commended By Fresh Home Business Hints.

The interview reiterated All my beliefs that I have expressed previously in “My Woman’s World”

Good Luck to everyone who is considering working in this area.

Rosie @ HomeBusinessHints

A Healthier Life for Every Woman Starting a Home Based Business

 Options?  Expectations? 

How to get information?

Today more and more Women work from home. Even more want to and they really have the skills. Some are Mothers, some Single or even Widow’s who need to earn a living. Some want a little extra income or a sense of independence. Women starting a home based business are presented with unique challenges.

1. Options

Starting a business. It is important to choose one that is right for you. Before deciding find out what is available whether it’s Graphic Design, Sales Marketing, Administration, or Making Wedding Cakes and  Health. Before deciding look at all the factors involved. What are your own skills and interests? You’re much more likely to engage and succeed if you enjoy what you are doing. An extremely shy person will find hosting home parties is not right for them even if you really like the product you are selling. Many Women fail because they grab the first thing they see and it doesn’t work, Use your intuition.

Think how many and what hours can you work? How much Money do you want to make? The opportunities. Match your skills. Make an informed intelligent decision about which type of business is the one for you.

Always sell something that you like and believe in. It could be Home Crafts, Avon, etc. My main concentration is to build a team to promote the sale of Natural Minerals because I took the Minerals to improve my health. I was so satisfied that I decided to sell them. I Liked and Believed and I am now Healthier and Wealthier. I found that I could work at my own pace and I was helped by other People who were already involved. So I had found Good Mentors. This has now become my niche. I love it and will help anyone to enjoy and share my Healthier lifestyle.

2.Learn how to Develop a Customer Base

Many women are good at what they do but are unaware how to market themselves or how to reach customers. A thoughtful decision must be made to engage yourself to market your business daily or at least weekly. This applies whether it’s a Mail business or an Email campaign. You must be involved to become an Internet marketer. It relies on referrals. Allow time and provide quality articles and follow up your customers. Getting a Website is an essential essence to run an online business. It’s an important tool to attract new customers.

3. Don’t be a Loner, Seek Support.

Very few lone rangers succeed without help in the online fields. Just speaking with people with experience can save hours of research. Whatever business you choose there’s always someone that can help. Seek out people who have already succeeded, find a Mentor who is proven, has an established recognized profile. Don’t jump for offers that promise to make thousands of pounds overnight. A good Mentor will guide you; help you from making rash decisions whilst supplying you with ideas and the means to success. Women are really equipped to run a home Based Internet Business. We can all learn from mistakes nobody is perfect but you can realise by being impetuous it can cost time and money. Look for No Risk Guaranteed Offers and check them out before you take the plunge.


My attitude is now; don’t listen to the chatter and the bluster of people who have never really succeeded but follow someone who know the extent of business which is available online. I hope that the hints I have given with the information are the start for another successful Woman. I have got to say that although I am speaking to Women I am aware that the principals involved are applicable to Men. My reason for addressing Women is they are probably less aware of the opportunities at this time although they are just as capable. I have another Icon who I admire and it is Sheryl Sandberg, a Very Successful Business Woman and a Mother.

We can all become Healthier and Successful


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Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable

Seth Godin on making your small business indispensable

Seth Godin

He was close to predicting the future of online marketing here! Amazing!

Seth Godin is an iconic figure in the small business sector who has written several bestselling books on how to engage with customers. editor Dan Martin travelled to New York to meet Godin and, in an exclusive interview, asked him why to be successful entrepreneurs need to think tribal and become indispensable.

  • Author
  • He is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.
  •  July 10, 1960 (age 54),
  • American

    Some of the other Things Seth Godin Say’s in his blogs. He speaks about corporate businesses and Independant Entrepreneurs. Explaining why both should give major consideration to their customers.

    Any time an organization pushes to change the status quo on behalf of its mission, causing the change they exist to make in the world, they’re building something that will last. But often, the opposite happens. Organizations in power change their pricing or their technology or their policies because it’s good for the organization, because it raises quarterly earnings, most often because it’s easier for them. They change the way they do support, or the promises they keep to long-term customers and vendors. Often, the people who count beans are making the decisions, not those that count positive change on behalf of those they serve.
    Seth Godin say’s it works. For a while. And then it doesn’t, because even powerful organizations don’t last forever, especially when those that have been pushed discover that they might just have other options.Throw your weight around, please. But do it for those you serve, not against them.

    He ridicles the expression-“I don’t have any good ideas”

    That’s a common mantra among those that say that they want to leap, but haven’t, and aren’t, and won’t.

    What they’re actually saying is, “I don’t have any ideas that are guaranteed to work, and not only that, are guaranteed to cause no criticism or moments when I’m sure the whole thing is going to fall apart.”

    And that sentence is probably true.

    But no good ideas? C’mon.

    Here’s a simple hack that takes whatever word you put in the seed box and comes up with a fresh game idea you’ve never had before. And it can do it over and over and over again. Pretty good ideas are easy. The guts and persistence and talent to create, ship and stick it out are what’s hard.

    At least you know what’s holding you back. The good news is that those skills are available to anyone who cares enough to acquire them.

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    Seth Godin Video






How Easy Can Women and Mothers become Self Employed

How Easy Can Women and Mothers become Self Employed

How Easy Can Women and Mothers become Self Employed

We are now living in a most interesting and important time for women.  We are now gaining recognition as equal partners by many of our Male counterparts. Even though we are half the world’s population we are Still not Equal. A large number of our sex are Expecting a happy Event. An even larger number are already Mothers with children of all ages. Due to the recession and other reasons some Women are now the breadwinners.  The Fathers are the stay at home parents.

The time for Women is Now.

Previously it was difficult for Women to become self employed. It is not so now. In this present time technological advancements have made it easier for everyone. This could apply to Mothers, women who have lost their job. Some become redundant or are just Women who just wish to try to be independent. The Internet has made it very easy for the home based entrepreneur to work. Women now have a good chance to succeed in the global business. The Internet is allowing anyone from all over the world to work in this field. There are a lot of opportunities that are fairly easy and available for Women to make money in this field.

How Easy Can Women and Mothers become Self Employed

## The Market ##

At present in relation to the volume of Women in the world there is only 10.6million Women working but they already produce approximately £2Trillion. All that we need is the zeal and ambition to be equal. Women will need patience particularly those who have Children. They require care and running the business at the same time. Keeping cool and being patient with the business and the child will be essential. Mothers should remember the golden rule that you have passed the toughest time. You are perfectly capable with dealing with others.

##The Internet##

It has opened a whole new world to Women. Many of us have learnt the skills required for on-line marketing whilst working for companies. Others have used it for a social tool. We are equipped to be equal with any Man in this business, if not better.
Sisters, do not miss out, we need not be exploited in the market place. We are the holders and controllers of our own destiny. There has never been such an opportunity for our sex to compete with equality with the chance to work where and when we like on-line.

When I moved location and sought employment,  I had been a PA to Directors. On being shortlisted for jobs, the attitude of  the interviewers was obvious. They ignored my experience. They Lent towards the younger applicant. I am now enjoying the opportunity of proving them wrong by working as a Self Employed Woman on the Internet.
At the risk of being evangelica, you can tell others who you know may be capable and interested. The market is so large. There’s room for plenty of us. Let’s make our presents felt on the Web.

Our male counterparts often have the cheek to state we are gossips. Well this time let them be correct. Spread the news so that we can take our rightful place in the Market. Just think of the advantages this change of lifestyle can bring to our lives. Don’t waste our talents.  Start by learning how to run this type of business from successful business people and realise with the knowledge of how to operate the business we can turn our natural talents into “Niche” businesses.

The future is bright. Love to see lots of people join me in the on-line road to independence.

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Rosie –

How Easy Can Women and Mothers become Self Employed

Starting A Home Business

7 Hints Before Starting a Home Based Business

Home Based BusinessHome Based Business

A Home based business is the in-thing now and will be for the future.

There are many opportunities on the Internet where one can work, when and where you like and give’s one greater flexibility. It is not for everyone, and in this ever changing fast moving internet society, there is an expanding market place giving a home based business even more opportunities than ever before.

Here are 7 Hints which hopefully will help newbie’s or recently started businesses.

Hint # 1  Research

Write down what you want for your Home Based Business. Then write down what’s on offer. Research the Market, identify the risks, put the positive together and it could be a goldmine.

Hint # 2  Decisions

Many Companies claim you can earn hundreds, even thousands of Pounds or Dollars etc over night on your Home Based Business. Many of these offers are untrue. You must realise without effort success is most unlikely. Make calculated decisions using both heart and head.

Hint # 3 Target

Internet marketing allows one the opportunity to target a specific market. To do this it pays to look at sites targeting similar enterprises. Select a general plan to go forward and having done so, select your market.

Hint # 4 The Market

Check how other people are attracting visitors to their sites. Look and learn from similar ideas. An appropriate idea is to become an affiliate. It’s an excellent way to begin. It’s a good source and as the internet grows, so does the volume of customers. In this field history shows that selecting a recognized and successful Entrepreneur, who has genuine credentials, has a much higher percentage of success. The genuine successful marketer will provide proper information, directions and methods that have proved to be successful. There are many others who offer systems which do work but in the first instance only supply a basic system. When the affiliate becomes involved they are then offered more expensive automated systems to promote the business quicker. It is therefore better to seek an opportunity to start your Home Based Business with a Marketer who actually provides a detailed method, which you can learn and operate at your own speed.

Hint # 5 Copy

Copy and Innovate is a positive way to success. This does not mean plagiarizing as that is stealing.

Hint # 6 Quality & Cost

When developing products, go for quality. Develop an Honest Reputation and when you have developed this status your business will prosper. A confident market is a successful market. Failing to commit to providing quality will be noticed in your Home Based Business and customers will fade and the business fail.

Hint # 7 No Risk Opportunity

An Internet business is exactly suited as a “Home Based Business”. Follow the previous hints; reduce the risks by working at your own pace. Thoroughly check the affiliate business opportunities and Most Importantly, check the information on the offer to be an affiliate. Insure there is a “No Risk” content in the offer and that there is also a proper “Money Back Guarantee” refund in operation should you discover on receipt of the plan, that it does not suit your purpose. A genuine business opportunity will always supply this. As they will want to protect their own Integrity.

Good Luck to you. May these Hints for your Home Based Business be of assistance to you on the road to success and prevent you from making early mistakes.


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