A Call to Action – Calling All Scots

A Call to Action – Calling All Scots

Get Sizzling Minerals

A Call to ActionIn England Simply75minerals are setting a blazing trail of success in both Health & Sports achievements using Completely Natural Plant Minerals. Change this. A Call to Action – Calling All Scots. Everyone Needs Sizzling Minerals Including You.

The minerals have been passed by the LGC as fit and safe for everyone, Including sports people to use. They are not drugs. This applies to the Top levels of Sports. It can improve the levels of Energy and Concentration. Plant Minerals simply give the body the food it needs to repair itself.

Medical Facts

  • “Doctors trusted” Have passed them so anyone can take them including Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics and Children.
  • Dr Gary Price-Todd stated “The human body needs at least 60 Minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state.” Dr Todd also said “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals”
  • Dr Carolyn Dean MD.ND Says “We should be eating Plant based Minerals”

A Call to Action

Ring Freephone 0800 044 5875

Sorry to report our English counterparts are successfully and busily improving the lifestyle of the population in the southern part of the United Kingdom. They are promoting Sizzling Minerals and it appears that Scotland to date does not seem to be as well informed about them. We will rectify that forthwith. Your Move. A Call to Action.

This is our Opportunity to improve the quality of life of All Scots. We are known for our entrepreneurial skills. Let’s become a New Generation of Entrepreneurs.

Inform Everyone about Simply75Minerals. It’s both you and the Nation’s Health and Wealth that will Prosper.

SCOTLAND I Want to Muster a Tartan Army to distribute and improve the Health & Wealth & Fitness of Friends, Families and those involved in Sporting activities. Providing the best source of Plant Minerals that are “Certified” to have 75  Pure Natural Minerals in their content. They Sizzle. Now it’s your turn. It’s a natural progression. Answer this Call to Action and you will change your Lifestyle and many others with it.

Opportunity is knocking. Just Open the Door.

This ground breaking product is a 100% Natural drink called “Sizzling Minerals” (Also available in powder and capsule form) Not available in shops. Only available on line or through authorized Distributors.

Everyone needs Sizzling Minerals

Don’t Fall behind England-This Is Going World Wide

A Call to Action – So Join Us

 Make a Team of like minded people, able to compete with those down south. It is Simply Simple and effective. There’s a growing army of people giving testimonials as evidence as to the effectiveness of the Minerals. Some people say it’s a miracle, we prefer to call it a simple method of improving the Quality of Life.


Bottom add 656 x 356


Ring Freephone 0800 044 5875

Why not have it all, Money, Time, Freedom, Holidays and Luxury Cars.

You are not restricted. You Decide. Never has there been a better Opportunity to Help a Nations Health, a Chance to Improve physically, being able to improve their sporting activities while you Personally Benefit by doing this. Share this.

A Call for Action – Scots Join NOW!

To learn more go to www.simply75minerals.com

Email me  stan@simply75minerals.com

MOB: 07496  706 445

Free 0800 044 5875


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