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Successful Home Business Hints-How Many Can You Tick

Home Business Hints


Success for Home Businesses
How Many of These Can You Tick for Your Success.


Successful Home Business Hints 1

Set Goals Then Aim Higher for Success.



      Successful Home Business Hints 2

Don’t fear failure, Learn from it and Gain



      Successful Home Business Hints 3

Take Chances, Activate it, If you don’t you will See someone else use it.


      Successful Home Business Hints 4

Keep Learning, The More you Know the Better You Become to Earn Success.


      Successful Home Business Hints 5

Don’t Settle, Don’t become Content. Want More.


      Successful Home Business Hints 6

Seek a Mentor, Someone who can take you to a Higher Plain. Meet and Mix with people who know More than you.


      Successful Home Business Hints 7

Shut up and Listen. Remember you Don’t know it all.


      Successful Home Business Hints 8

Network-Meet other people.

You don’t know Network Meet People 250 x 119What You’ll learn. Get Taken out of your Comfort Zone. Face the Challenge to Gain Success.



      Successful Home Business Hints 9

Balance your Lifestyle-Recharge your Batteries.


LightBuld IdeaFinally – Always carry Pencil and Paper. Record that Lightbulb Moment so that you Never Forget. 

It could Be A “Money Maker for you”




How did You Score?
Judge for Yourself?
Can you Do Better?

Hoe did you score 258 x 189

It’s Time to Take Action. Which ever Point you Failed to Tick, Work on It. Improve Your Business by Learning How You Can Change and Be Able to Tick Another Point.


It’s Your Life, Your Business. How Much Do you Really Want to Improve. Follow the Successful Entrepreneurs, their Success is Not an Accident. Use Their Home Business Hints. It’s the Action they Take. Whenever possible Listen to what They Say and Write. Try to Get in Their Company. Home Business Hints is Here to Help. The Market Place is Huge with Many Opportunities to Improve Your Lifestyle.

So Go Get It.

My Woman’s World-Successful Women Dealing with Inequality

Successful Women Dealing with Inequality


Emma Watson 143 X 196



At the economic forum in Switzerland it was good to see Women in the limelight speaking up for Gender Equality. The first was Emma Watson who spoke for the need of all country leadership as well as for the hundreds of universities and corporations so as to bring an end to the persisting inequalities faced by Women and girls globally.




Politcian and Monetary DirectorChristine LAgarde 119 x 127

Christine Lagarde, Managing director of the international monetary fund, said “Inequality is not good for Growth. Inequality is not good for Women” Many Women are oblivious to the fact that they have skills which in Business are highly rated but equally rewarded. I became an Internet marketer because I realized that if I was successful I would be equal to my Male counterparts. I believe that by giving inspiration my inspiration will give opportunities for many of my sex to become involved in a positive fashion.



I decided to stop talking to the wrong people. Many people in small businesses, that if anyone has a need they are a client, Wrong. This can cost you money by dealing with someone who has no intension of buying the product or auctioning the business. I want as many people as possible to know about me but I really only want someone who genuinely needs and wants my offer.


Tim Cook at Worldwide Conference

TIM COOK APPLE 200 x 140Only recently Tim Cook of Apple, has provided evidence of what I speak. Their latest release has shown an unbelievable profit of nearly 12 Billion Pounds due to their iPhone 6 and 6+. I mention this as Steve Jobs was also a perfect example and was prepared to talk about it at an “Apple” World Wide Conference. It also shows that I am not against Men. I am only seeking equality.


As I am marketing provider I want to focus on people who need expert help. People who dabble and don’t take proper action only cost themselves money and waste their and my time. I’m trying to give a clear compelling message to the right people. People who genuinely want a market place, Women who will genuinely make an effort, people who will take the proper action and invest in themselves to obtain their wishes and not leave their wishbones in a bucket.


Fashion Entrepreneur and Author

Michelle Mone-Entrepreneur in Fashion. Who came of from one ofmichelle mone the poorest parts of Glasgow had a Dream and although struck by several setbacks some of her own making,  made her Dream come true. What a woman. The Answer is If you want something TAKE ACTION. Do not be afraid of failure or mistakes. Use them as stepping stones. I made mistakes because I tried too much on my own but with the help of a Genuine Mentor I got on the path, I was given a proven method and I now do my own thing.


My Blog is aimed at Women and Girls as a means of breaking through the inequality barrier. You must be prepared to accept that Men can equally use my views and actions. The Aim is to give others the opportunity to succeed. Not live in fairyland but “How to Succeed” in this modern day world. The Internet has provided a fresh better place to do Business at a lower cost than ever. In the past to start a Business one had to carry large stocks, Pay high prices for premises and advertising, the Internet has changed it all.


Why can Women succeed? We have the talent, We have the knowledge. We do not need the physical strengths but over the ages we have developed skills. We have learnt how to manage in what was a Man’s world. It has changed. In the past we were secretaries. Now we have as much knowledge of Computers. In the past we managed homes. We now use these skills to manage Companies both Corporate and Home-Based. Our skills in writting have always been known as has been our knowledge in the Medical field. We can even be an Astronaut.



To be Successful Women have learnt to be assertive and confident without showing aggression. They become better leaders they build better teams and are more liked and respected as managers. The are regularly take the initive and are better money managers. It’s their ability to inovate that allows them to produce idea’s to start a Home-Based business or to produce fresh idea’s in conservative businesses.


Successful Women have become the power users of technology. They have become Internet, Mobile and Social Media Perfect. This allows them to become Entrprenurial with their natural skills. They are the Perfect Person to operate a Home-based-Business.

 Take ACTION I wish you all well and Improve your World and Become Successful Women

Rosie @


My Changing World – What Recession?

What Recession?

Where do you stand in this present world?

We are continuingly hearing the words Depression, Recession, Receding Values and Cuts etc. Are you just accepting this turmoil, Reductions, Losing Staff with no light at the end of the tunnel for years, even decades? Are you feeling jaded by it all?


Don’t become a member of the no-hopers who blame Governments, Banks and Trade Unions.

What Recession? – Take action for yourself

At this time, amid all this chaos, people with vision have been Gifted the Largest, Cheapest Market place ever known.

The Internet – What Recession?

Leading Entrepreneurs have already stepped in and started. They are coining it in, not just by The Year, the Month, the Week, the Day, but Hourly.


Be realistic. What Recession? It did not happen overnight although lots of people interpret it that way but they are people with vision who could see further than the present. They have the knowledge of the past and armed with this information they have become self-made Internet Millionaires. NOT BAD when the establishment was spreading Doom & Gloom and the politicians were at loggerheads with each other as to how to deal with it.


What is the first thing Entrepreneurs did. They just shrugged their shoulders and said “What Recession?” They studied the mind-set of the successful Entrepreneurs. They used the information that the Famous Entrepreneurs of the past had done when in Recession, then set out and upgraded it for the Internet and adopted the attitude of “What Recession? and proved that mindset was the way to success.

Fear of Failure?

No-one should have this. Everyone makes mistakes but the wise learn and prosper from them. Success comes to them that try, if you don’t try you never know. My first mistake was to see a proven method succeed, but I did not follow it properly. I tried to run before I could walk. I was wrong. It took me a long time and lost money in the cause before I realized that the successful marketers had to

 Make a Goal
 Have Desire – this is to reach their Goal
 Adapt, learn how to adapt a proven system and convert it to their personal style.
 Find a Mentor that they could trust, understand and know that She/He has fulfilled their desire.


It all started when Napoleon Hill was challenged by Andrew Carnegie to find out the ingredients that made Successful Entrepreneurs. He then wrote books which are the basis of marketing no matter what the circumstances. It has been ruthlessly followed by his disciples and adapted in a changing world.

A Carnegie with signiture


Old Nap Hill Book

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